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2002.07.25 WeSQL listed

WeSQL is now listed in the Free Software Donation directory at http://www.q-ag.de/~wspraul/fsdd/. This means I accept 'paid for' work to extend WeSQL, as well as 'paid for' support on WeSQL. Of course, all modifications will go into the public domain, as WeSQL will never, ever, change license from GPL - unless the FSF guys come up with something even better ;)

2002.07.21 WeSQL 0.53 released!

This is a bugfix-only release. There are no new features, but several bugfixes. There is a fix for the showstopper MySQL bug, and some less important ones. Read the changelog for more details, and read the upgrade page for information on upgrading from older versions.

I have built the (S)RPM with Thomas Vander Stichele's excellent Build In True CHroot Environment System tool, let me know if they work well for you!

I would be most obliged if you would consider supporting the development of WeSQL with a donation via PayPal.

2002.05.20 WeSQL 0.52 released!

It's been a while, but here is the latest stable WeSQL. It has many, many bugfixes & enhancements. The most important change is multi language support. It is now trivial to make sites in multiple languages. A couple of perl scripts are also supplied in the 'utils' directory, to migrate a site in a single language to a multi language site. See the changelog for more details, and the upgrade page for information on upgrading from v0.51.

I would be most obliged if you would consider supporting the development of WeSQL with a donation via PayPal.

2002.04.16 Linuxformat.co.uk

When picking up a copy of Linuxformat, the UK linux magazine, I was most surprised to see WeSQL is on the DVD that comes with issue 26 (released 2002-03-28)! It is not included on the 2-CD version of issue 26.

I would be most obliged if you would consider supporting the development of WeSQL with a donation via PayPal.

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What is WeSQL?

The Web-enabled SQL (WeSQL) library is an extension to HTML, acting as a glue between HTML and SQL. It allows the use of pure SQL queries directly in HTML files, embedded in a special tag, among many other features. WeSQL translates the special tags into pure HTML, so using WeSQL is transparant for the browser. WeSQL is aimed at rapid web-database integration, and written in Perl. Because it runs under mod_perl, it is fast. WeSQL currently supports both MySQL and PostgreSQL as backend SQL databases.



The following tags are supported:
  • The LIST tag repeats a block of HTML for every result from an SQL query, filling in the return values.
  • The EVAL tag allow the use of Perl in HTML files.
  • The PARAMCHECK tag allows parameter validation.
  • The CUTFILE tag cuts off the HTML.
  • The INCLUDE tag includes another WeSQL file, if desired with its own separate set of parameters.
  • The LAYOUT tag includes html from the file layout.cf.
In addition, the following features are implemented:
  • Parameters passed via GET or POST can be accessed in the HTML files.
  • Environment variables can be accessed in the HTML files.
  • Cookies can be accessed (and set via a META tag, but that's standard HTML) in the WeSQL html files.


Online demo

If you go to http://addressbook.wesql.org, you will find an online version of the addressbook application that comes as a demonstration with WeSQL.


What is needed to run WeSQL?

Prerequisites for an easy installation: a unix system with working Apache, perl, mod_perl, and MySQL or PostgreSQL. But if you are brave, there is no reason why WeSQL should not run on any system with any webserver that can execute Perl code as cgi-scripts, and can connect to a MySQL or PostgreSQL server.



FileSize (bytes)Platform
WeSQL-0.53-1.noarch.rpm 150072 Redhat 7.3 with standard RedHat Perl 5.6.1 rpm
WeSQL-0.53-1.src.rpm 91904 All other RPM compliant systems
WeSQL-0.53.tar.gz 87534 Any unix-like OS!

Don't run versions older than v0.51. They contain a security problem. Just look at the upgrade page for upgrade instructions between 0.5x versions.

For your information, this is a version history:
Version Type Downloads Date Size (bytes)
v0.53Maintenance68614:27:12 2002.07.2187534
v0.52Maintenance10:33:12 2002.05.2084495
v0.51Maintenance43 16:23:12 2002.02.1462910
v0.50Major13:18:33 2001.12.0658842
v0.28.02Maintenance21:27:24 2001.04.2971478
v0.28.01Maintenance19:41:12 2001.02.2064961
v0.28Major15:15:51 2001.02.0253490
v0.28b15Development23:27:58 2000.10.1837477
v0.27Major18:47:24 2000.08.0931294
v0.26Major23:39:44 2000.06.1028969
v0.25Major22:46:07 2000.05.2524802
v0.24Major00:57:25 2000.05.2321563
v0.23Major18:58:31 2000.05.2121264



Read the man pages (start with Apache::WeSQL). Or have a look at the online version of these manpages.
The addressbook application that comes with the code is also a good tutorial.

The changelog can be found here.



WeSQL is (c) 2000-2002 by Ward Vandewege, and released under the Gnu Public License (GPL).
Information about this license can be found at the site of the Free Software Foundation.



If you would like to be notified about updates to WeSQL, you can leave your name and e-mail address here. This information will not be made available to anyone.
Name: E-mail:

WeSQL has been tested on RedHat 6.x and 7.x, and Debian GNU/linux systems. Any feedback about running WeSQL on other configurations, as well as bugreports, bugfixes, suggestions, etc. are very much appreciated. Send them to [email protected].

You can have a look at advogato, if you like, or even support the development of WeSQL through PayPal.

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